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Protocol Regarding COVID-19

Reporting and Identification of Exposure and Symptoms

As we continue to monitor information about the COVID-19 virus in our area, we wanted to update the community about how to identify symptoms, what to do should you believe you have been exposed to the virus, and what steps the college will take if there is a confirmed case on campus.

How Do I Identify Symptoms?

If you are sick with symptoms of fever, cough, and breathing difficulties, students should call Health Services at (914) 251-7925 for advice and a possible appointment.

What To Do

If you suspect you have been exposed to someone who has symptoms or you were exposed to someone who has been confirmed to have the coronavirus, please call Health Services at (914) 251-7925 for advice.

College Updates and Reporting

凯时真人娱乐平台 The college will communicate to the campus community if a member of the community has been tested and received confirmation of a positive diagnosis of the coronavirus. Purchase College administration will follow the instructions and guidance from the Department of Health on next steps for the community.

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